Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Yacco Lube Synthetic 100% - Lube M SAE 5W30

Lube M SAE 5W30


  • 3060
  • Families :MID SAPS
  • Synthetic 100%
  • Viscosity :5W30
Synthetic 100% Automobile Lube M SAE 5W30


MB-Approval 229.52 & 229.51

(MB-Approval 229.51 exceeds MB 229.31)




GM-Opel dexos2TM

Available packing sizes

  • 1L can
  • 2L can
  • 60L barrel
  • 208L barrel
  • 1000L tank
  • 1000Lbulk


Yacco LUBE M SAE 5W30 is a 100% synthetic “Mid SAPS” oil for gasoline and diesel engines. Specifically developed for MERCEDES passenger cars and light commercial vehicles which require MB-Approval 229.52/MB 229.51 oil.

Yacco LUBE M SAE 5W30 is suitable for most MERCEDES diesel engines and certain types of gasoline engines.

Yacco LUBE M SAE 5W30 is also meets ACEA C3, ACEA C2, API SN and GM-OPEL dexos2TM specifications. This fuel economy oil is suitable for a wide range of uses in diesel and gasoline engines from various manufacturers which meet one of the specifications below.

Properties and advantages

“Mid SAPS ” formula containing lower levels of sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur extends the service life of particulate filters and catalytic converter systems.

The ACEA C2 specification helps reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, particularly CO2.

High viscosity at high temperatures provides excellent engine protection.

High detergent/dispersant properties ensure a clean engine and mean deposits can be easily removed during oil changes.

Increased protection against wear and corrosion.

Allows for safe extended oil change intervals.