Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Yacco Lube Synthetic 100% - LUBE RN17 - SAE 5W30

LUBE RN17 - SAE 5W30


  • 3073
  • Families :MID SAPS
  • Synthetic 100%
  • Viscosity :5W30
Synthetic 100% Automobile LUBE RN17 - SAE 5W30


RENAULT RN17, backward compatible with RN0710/RN0700



MB 226.52

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
2L can 3073 24 02
5L can 3073 22 15


Yacco LUBE RN17 SAE 5W30 is a 100% synthetic “Mid SAPS” oil for gasoline and diesel engines.

Specifically developed to meet the new Renault RN-17 5W-30 specification required by certain gasoline and diesel Renault engines manufactured from 2018 onwards. Backward compatible with older engines when the manufacturer is referring to RN0710 or RN0700 oils, except RS engines (Renault Sport).

For RS and Alpine engines, use Renault RN17 RSA approved Yacco GALAXIE A SAE 0W40 lubricant . For diesel DPF engines up to Euro6d-temp series, use exclusively RN0720 oil (Yacco LUBE R 5W30).

Can be used where SAE 5W-30 grade ACEA C3 oil is specified by the manufacturer.

Properties and advantages

Put through specific Renault RN-17 engine and laboratory tests: ACEA tests, specific durability (LLR test in K9K646 engine) and wear tests (in R9N401 engine).

"Mid SAPS” formula containing lower levels of sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur extends the service life of particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic (DPF) and catalytic converters.

Outstanding resistance to oxidation, even when running on biofuels, allows for safe prolonged periods between oil changes.

Low volatility meeting Renault severe requirement exceeding ACEA standard, for a reduced oil consumption.