Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Yacco VX Premium Synthetic - Lube VX 1000LL 0W40

Lube VX 1000LL 0W40


  • 3062
  • Familles:LOW SAPS
  • Synthetic
  • Viscosité:0W40
Synthetic Automobile Lube VX 1000LL 0W40

Conditionnements disponibles

  • 1L can
  • 2L can
  • 208L barrel
  • 1000L tank
  • 1000L loose


Yacco VX 1000LL 0W40 is very high-quality 100% synthetic lube designed for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars.

Yacco VX 1000LL 0W40 has been developed to improve their performance and responsiveness.

Yacco VX 1000LL 0W40 is particularly recommended for turbocharged and sporty engines.