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Synthetic technology - AERO AVX 1000 4T SAE 10W40

AERO AVX 1000 4T SAE 10W40

Light planes

  • 3359
  • Synthetic technology
  • Viscosity :10W40
Synthetic technology Light planes AERO AVX 1000 4T SAE 10W40


Tested and recommended by AVIREX (ROTAX importer in France) for 912i, 912 and 914 series engines.


JASO MA (performance level)

Available delivery sizes

  • 2L can


Yacco AERO AVX 1000 4T SAE 10W40 is a synthetic technology oil for 4-stroke engines on light and ultralight aircraft.

Specifically developed to meet the latest requirements of major light and ultralight aircraft manufacturers. Recommended for 4-stroke naturally aspirated or turbo engines (equipped with carburettors or fuel injection), including those which operate under severe service conditions. Exclusive formula designed for engines with integrated gearboxes and overload clutches.

Properties and advantages

Excellent oil stability at high temperatures and enhanced dispersive properties to prevent sludge deposits and varnish build-ups

This means clean engines.

Suitable and recommended for engines which run on unleaded or leaded road fuel and avgas 100LL.

Quick oil flow in cold temperatures for easy start up and increased engine protection.

Enhanced anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

Do not use in aircraft piston engines which require ashless oil (Continental, Lycoming, Rolls Royce, Jabiru, etc.).