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2-stroke farming equipment lubes Semi synthetic - HX 500 2T

HX 500 2T


  • 3506
  • Semi synthetic
Semi synthetic Farming HX 500 2T




HX 500 2T exceeds the performance levels required by the API (US standards) and JASO (Japanese standards)

Available delivery sizes

  • 2L can


Yacco HX 500 2T is a semi-synthetic oil for 2-stroke engines on self-propelled agricultural equipment.

Designed for the lubrication of 2-stroke gasoline engines on self propelled agricultural equipment used at high rpm and/or under severe service conditions. Suitable for separated lubrication and premix systems.

Mixing ratio: 2 to 3%, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Properties and advantages

100% synthetic oil for good performance at high temperatures.

Good protection of the engine against corrosion and rust.

Very good anti-smoke properties.

Pre-diluted oil for easier and quicker mixing with fuel.

Dyed blue for easy detection.

Avoids spark plug fouling and piston ring gumming.