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Motorcycles fork lubes - FORK FLUID 7.5W


Moto / quad / Karting

  • 3390
 Moto / quad / Karting FORK FLUID 7.5W

Available packing sizes

Référence Conditionnement Carton
1L can 3390 25 01


Yacco FORK FLUID 7.5W is a hydraulic fluid for upside down or cartridge forks.

Tested under race conditions. Provides progressive and smooth operation of suspension. Particularly recommended for SHOWA or WHITE POWER cartridge type forks. This fluid is part of our Yacco FORK FLUID product range.

For softer damping, use FORK FLUID 2.5W or FORK FLUID 5W.

For firmer damping, use FORK FLUID 10W, FORK FLUID 15W or FORK FLUID 20W.

Properties and advantages

High-shear resistance.

Excellent anti-foam, anti-wear, anti-corrosive and anti-friction properties.

Optimal damping over a wide temperature range and under all service conditions.

Stay-in-grade viscosity maintains high fluid performance over the service life of the oil.

Protects O-rings.

Compatible with fork oil seals.