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Motorcycles specific products - MOTOWASH


Moto / quad / Karting

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 Moto / quad / Karting MOTOWASH

Available packing sizes

  • 1L spray


Yacco MOTOWASH is a biodegradable foam cleaner for motorbikes.

Yacco MOTOWASH is a powerful multipurpose cleaner especially designed for motorcycles.

Yacco MOTOWASH can be used on wheel rims, plastics and paints.

Properties and advantages

Dissolves all dirt (mud, brake pad dust, grease, etc.).

Yacco MOTOWASH is acid, soda and potash free, meaning it is non-aggressive on materials.

Leaves a perfect finish when dry.

2-position spray gun (“STREAM” for precise spray and “SPRAY” for wide spray) for optimal effectiveness.

Precautions for use

On fragile surfaces: non varnished or painted aluminium, quad bodies and garden power tools, test the product first and quickly and thoroughly rinse. Do not use on trims if they are not protected.

Aqueous solution, do not store at temperatures below 0ºC.

Read all the instructions on the label before use (MSDS at ). Alkaline product: avoid contact with eyes and skin, wear glasses and rubber gloves.