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2-stroke motorcycles lubes Mineral - MVX 100 2T

MVX 100 2T

Moto / quad / Karting

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Mineral Moto / quad / Karting MVX 100 2T




MVX 100 2T exceeds the performance levels required by API and JASO specifications.

Available delivery sizes

  • 1L can


Yacco MVX 100 2T is a high-quality mineral oil for 2-stroke engines.

Lubricant suitable for small displacement 2-stroke engines, such as mopeds. Made using carefully selected premium mineral base oils. Suitable for oil injector systems and premix.

Premix ratio: 2% to 4%, depending on the manufacturer's requirements.

Properties and advantages

Ensures good piston-ring sealing.

Protects the engine against corrosion, even when not used for long periods of time.

Excellent protection against wear.

Dyed blue for easy detection in gasoline/oil mixtures.

Pre-diluted for easier mixing with gasoline.