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2-stroke motorcycles lubes Semi synthetic - MVX 500 2T

MVX 500 2T

Moto / quad / Karting

  • 3334
  • Semi synthetic
Semi synthetic Moto / quad / Karting MVX 500 2T


JASO FD Oil code 033YCO135



Available packing sizes

  • 1L can
  • 2L can
  • 60L barrel


This product has been awarded the FIM Quality Product Label 2021-2023 by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

Yacco MVX 500 2T is a semi-synthetic oil for 2-stroke motorbike engines.

Yacco MVX 500 2T has been specifically designed for lubricating 2-stroke engines with very high working speeds, used under severe driving conditions.

Suitable for separated or mixed lubrication.

Mixture: 2 to 4 %, depending on the OEM’s requirements.

Properties and advantages

Prevents deposits from forming on exhaust pipes.

Excellent protection of the engine's internal parts against rust.

Very effective in preventing the engine from seizing.

Dyed blue to allow easy detection in oil/fuel mixtures.

Prevents spark plug fouling and piston rings gumming.