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4-stroke motorcycles lubes Synthetic technology - MVX 500 4T SAE 10W40

MVX 500 4T SAE 10W40

Moto / quad / Karting

  • 3324
  • Synthetic technology
  • Viscosity :10W40
Synthetic technology Moto / quad / Karting MVX 500 4T SAE 10W40


JASO T903 : 2016 MA2 oil code M033YCO372


Available delivery sizes

  • 1L can
  • 60L barrel
  • 208L barrel
  • 4L can


Yacco MVX 500 4T SAE 10W40 is a YACCOSYNTH synthetic technology engine oil for 4-stroke motorbike engines.

Synthetic technology SAE 10W40 engine oil formulated for 4-stroke motorbikes. Provides perfect engine lubrication even under severe service conditions. Suitable for all types of bikes (roadsters, custom, GT, and sport bikes). Provides increased protection of the clutch/gear unit (JASO MA2 specification). Improves the reliability of high-revving engines.

Properties and advantages

SAE 10W40 grade provides easy cold starts and quick oil flow.

Good detergent/dispersant properties.

Specific friction properties for maximum performance of the clutch/gear unit.

Very good protection of the engine and gearbox against wear.

Maintain initial engine performance by optimum protection against deposits.

Lower exhaust emissions and enhanced fuel economy.