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Automatic transmission lubes Synthetic - ATF X


Transport / Heavy equipment

  • 3536
  • Synthetic
Synthetic Transport / Heavy equipment ATF X


Yacco ATF X meets the main OEM’s specifications and has a wide range of uses (see table on page 2).

Yacco ATF X can replace 3 types of our ATF fluids: ATF III, ATF D & ATF A while also adapted for many other applications.

For DCT (DSG) transmissions, refer to ATF DCT. For CVT transmissions, refer to ATF CVT

Available delivery sizes

  • 1L can
  • 60L barrel


Yacco ATF X is synthetic fluid for automatic transmissions.

Lubricating fluid for automatic transmissions, power steering and hydraulic systems of many types of vehicles, such as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, lorries, buses, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, etc.

Properties and advantages

Optimised friction coefficient for smooth running of gearboxes fitted on European, Asian and American vehicles.

A high viscosity index ensures perfect lubrication at low and high temperatures.

A low pour point means very good performance in cold conditions and instant lubrication upon start-up.

Excellent thermal stability (enhanced oxidation resistance) extends the service life of the oil.

Non-aggressive to seals and all materials used in modern transmissions.