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Cooling systems - LR ORGANIC


Transport / Heavy equipment

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 Transport / Heavy equipment LR ORGANIC


DAF 74002

Deutz AG DQC CB-14

Ford WSS-M97B44-D (Ford, Jaguar, Land-Rover, New-Holland, etc.)

Man 324 Type SNF

Mercedes-Benz MB-Approval 326.3


AFNOR NFR 15-601

ASTM D3306/D4656/D4985

VW group (Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen) TL-774 D/774 F (G12/G12+)



Porsche (G12)

Renault type D, Saab, Rover, etc.

Cummins, Hitachi, Isuzu, John Deere, Komatsu, Liebherr, Mack, MTU, Renault Trucks, Scania, Volvo, Wärtsilä, Yanmar, etc.

Available delivery sizes

  • 2L can
  • 5L can
  • 20L barrel
  • 60L barrel
  • 1000L tank
  • 220K barrel


Yacco LR ORGANIC is 100% organic coolant.

Ready-to-use coolant with organic additives, MEG and demineralised water.

This product does not need to be diluted with water.

Suitable for all cooling systems (cast iron, aluminium, etc.) in all type of vehicles (passenger cars, lorries, construction and agricultural equipment, motorcycles, etc.), and particularly when the manufacturer recommends an organic fluid.

Properties and advantages

Outstanding thermal conductibility allows for effective heat removal.

No evaporation in service.

High boiling point.

Forms a durable protective film on metal parts (by oxidation and then passivation).

Protects cylinder heads and cooling systems against cavitation (turbulence in the fluid flow).

Excellent protection against frost, even under extreme temperatures.

Allows for prolonged periods of time between oil changes (depending on the OEM recommendation).

NAP free: no nitrites, amines (low toxicity) or phosphates (environmentally friendly).

Important: in cooling systems equipped with blue silicone hoses, refer to the OEM recommendation and only use YACCO LR-35, unless an organic coolant is clearly specified by the manufacturer. Some EURO 6 engines have a newrequirement (Si-OAT hybrid coolant, etc.)