Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Grease - GRAISSE H.P.


Upkeep and cleaning

  • 7350
 Upkeep and cleaning GRAISSE H.P.


NLGI Grade 2

ISO 6743-9 → ISO-L-XBCHB 2

DIN 51502 → DIN GP2N-25

Available delivery sizes

  • 180K barrel
  • 400G multipack
  • 5K bucket
  • 50K keg
  • 25K keg


Yacco GRAISSE H.P. is a molybdenum disulphide extreme-pressure grease.

Especially recommended for use in severe service conditions, Yacco GRAISSE H.P. provides exceptionally long-lasting lubrication.

Suitable for equipment exposed to poor weather conditions and subjected to heavy loads, such as lorries, construction equipment and agricultural equipment, etc.

Properties and advantages

High quality colloidal suspension of micronized molybdenum disulphide to optimize anti-wear and greasing properties under limited conditions.

Excellent extreme-pressure property,.

Water insoluble.

Effective over a wide temperature range: -20°C to +130°C (140°C max. temperature).