Huile et lubrifiant Yacco

Yacco Lube Synthetic 100% - LUBE P SAE 5W30



  • 3052
  • Families :LONG LIFE - MID SAPS
  • Synthetic 100%
  • Viscosity :5W30
Synthetic 100% Automobile LUBE P SAE 5W30




PSA B71 2290 (2014 version)

Fiat 9.55535-S1

Available packing sizes

  • 1L can
  • 2L can
  • 5L can
  • 60L barrel
  • 208L barrel
  • 1000L tank
  • 1000Lbulk


Yacco LUBE P SAE 5W30 is a 100% synthetic oil for diesel and gasoline engines.

Yacco LUBE P SAE 5W30 is “MID SAPS” and fuel economy.

Yacco LUBE P SAE 5W30 is 100% synthetic LongLife ” and fuel economy lubricant designed for the last generation of gasoline and diesel engines.

“Mid SAPS” technology provides protection to post-treatment systems. This oil is particularly recommended for the lubrication of P.S.A.* group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS) and other vehicles requiring the use of SAE 5W30 oil which meets ACEA C2, API SN, API SM, API SL/CF or Fiat 9.55535-S1 specifications: Chrysler , Fiat group, Iveco V.U., Jeep, Toyota...

Properties and advantages

“MID SAPS” technology (lower levels of sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur): extends the service life of particulate filters.

Low HTHS viscosity at 150°C for reduced fuel consumption: this increases environmental protection and reduces pollutant emissions.

Outstanding resistance to oxidation, even to VOME (vegetable oil methyl esters) and increased protection against wear: allows for safe prolonged periods between oil changes.

Tested by means of PSA specific engine and laboratory tests.

*For the latest engines, use a PSA B71 2010 or PSA B71 2312 or PSA B71 2290-2016 oil according to P.S.A. recommendation.