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2-stroke motorcycles lubes Synthetic 100% - MVX RACE 2T


Moto / quad / Karting

  • 3330
  • Families :ESTER
  • Synthetic 100%
Synthetic 100% Moto / quad / Karting MVX RACE 2T



Developed in competition, Yacco MVX RACE 2T significantly exceeds the performance required by the American standard API.

Available delivery sizes

  • 1L can


Yacco MVX RACE 2T is 100% synthetic oil for 2-stroke competition motorcycle engines.

Especially formulated and tested in competition, Yacco MVX RACE 2T offers an outstanding lubrication of 2-stroke motorcycle engines (GP, motocross, enduro) which work at very high speeds and are lubricated with pre-mix.

For less intensive service conditions, use MVX 1000 2T, which allows for full combustion of the lubricant.

Mixture: from 1.5 to 5%, depending on the use and the manufacturer’s or mechanic’s recommendations.

100% synthetic ester formula. Can be mixed with all types of gasoline and especially those without lead and with high octane number.

Properties and advantages

Very good anti-wear and anti-seizing protection.

Exceptional resistance to high temperatures.

Outstanding protection against deposits, varnish and gum formation.

Dyed red for easy identification in gasoline.

Very high lubricating power which reduces friction and maintains engine performance.

Prevents spark plug fouling and clogged exhaust ports.